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Do you ever daydream about having a perfectly white smile wondering what stains your teeth?

You’re not alone.

A recent survey shows that 6 out of 10 Americans feel that a whiter smile would boost their self-confidence.

The first thing you need to do is to avoid foods and beverages that stain your teeth. There are also many things you can do about these stains to try and keep your smile looking healthy and white.

We’ve comprised a list of seven foods you should avoid. Keep reading to find out what stains your teeth and what you can do about it!

1. Sauces

You may love eating pasta or pizza with deeply-colored sauces but they can cause stains to form on your teeth.

Sauces like soy, tomato, and curry can stain your teeth, so make sure to brush soon after eating them.

You may also want to eat more creamy and light-colored sauces instead.

2. Fruits and Berries

Although they’re delicious, fruits like blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, cherries, and other deep-colored fruits can all cause stains on your teeth.

These fruits can also be found in juices and pies.

You may even want to take special care if you eat light-colored fruits such as white grapes or white cranberries. These also have an acid that can harm the enamel on your teeth.

3. Tea

Although we’ve been told countless times how healthy tea is, it isn’t good for keeping your teeth white.

Black tea can actually cause more stains than coffee.

You should also think about avoiding herbal and white teas because they can wear away your enamel and cause stains, too.

4. Candy and Sweets

We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth and can cause cavities — but it can also stain your teeth, too.

If you’ve ever eaten candy that made your tongue change color, then these can also stain your teeth. These are treats like hard candy, chewing gum, or even popsicles.

5. Wine

Think about it — if a food or beverage is able to stain a white surface such as a tablecloth, then it can certainly stain your teeth.

Red wine is a deep burgundy color that will definitely discolor your teeth.

But you also need to be aware that white wine is very acidic and can damage the enamel protecting your teeth.

6. Sports Drinks

Another beverage you should avoid drinking too much of is sports drinks.

These are acidic and can cause your enamel to erode.

Try drinking water during your workouts instead of these drinks.

7. Beets

If you’ve ever touched a beet, then you know how likely it is to stain something — and that includes your teeth.

Beets can be whole or in juice form and don’t do your teeth any favors. They are also very acidic which will erode the enamel on your teeth.

What Can You Do?

You may be wondering what else you can do to avoid these stains besides just avoiding these foods and beverages altogether.

Well, there are many different things you can do before and after eating if you want to avoid stains.

Before Consuming

Before drinking juice, sodas, or teas that can stain your teeth, you should put a straw in your drink.

This will help so the liquid doesn’t sit too long on your teeth which is why your enamel would erode and cause stains.

If you want to eat sauces and berries, then you should first consume dark leafy greens. This will create a layer over your teeth and protect them from the acids in the sauces and berries. This will help to keep your enamel from eroding and producing stains on your teeth.

After Consuming

After eating, you will want to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth to help avoid foods or beverages from staining your teeth.

But make sure you wait at least 30 minutes before brushing. The acid from the foods could actually damage your teeth more if you try to brush any sooner.

If you can’t get to a toothbrush, then you can also try to chew a piece of sugarless gum. This can help to fight the foods from staining your teeth.

Crunchy foods can also act as a deterrent for your teeth and wash away the potential for stains. Raw carrots, cauliflower, and celery can help to avoid stains naturally.

You should also make sure that you’re eating foods that are great for your oral health.

What Else?

If you’re still not satisfied with your smile, then you do have a few more options when it comes to making your teeth whiter.

Try a Whitening Toothpaste

Going to a drug store and picking out a whitening toothpaste is a great option to help fight stains on your teeth.

As long as your toothpaste says ‘for daily use,’ then you can incorporate this into your daily routine to try and achieve the perfect white smile.

Regular Dental Cleaning Visits

Regular cleanings with your dentist will do wonders for your teeth and helping to keep them white.

Getting your teeth cleaned can help to remove stains that have built up over time.

This is a huge part of your routine check-up and you will be happy with your smile when you leave the dentist.

Set Up an Appointment With a Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist can completely change the way your smile looks.

If you’ve run out of all your other options, then setting up a consultation with a cosmetic dentist can help transform your teeth into exactly what you want.

Now You Know What Stains Your Teeth

When it comes to finding out what stains your teeth and what you can do about it, there’s a lot of trial and error.

You need to figure out what foods you can avoid and which ones you can consume minimally.

Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice a day and 30 minutes after meals that contain deep-colored foods or highly acidic foods.

If you’re in the Colorado area and are in need of a great dentist, then contact us today for a consultation.