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Did you know that a quarter of adults in the United States are dealing with untreated tooth decay?

Tooth decay can creep up on even the best of us. When it does make its appearance, it can be ugly and painful.

There are many ways that you can ensure great oral health. One of the most important ways is through food.

Continue reading to discover 3 foods that promote oral health and leave you feeling satisfied with your smile.

Eat Your Way to Great Oral Health

Aside from brushing, flossing, and mouth washing there are many ways that you can increase your oral health. Cherry Creek dentists do a great job at keeping your smile healthy and clean but there are other actions you can take to prevent cavities and decay.

Before jumping to the menu, we should talk about water. You should be sure to drink plenty of water, as it also increases a healthy smile. Fluoridated water helps build up your teeth’s resistance to acids that can cause cavities.

Not only does water build resistance, but it also cleans out your mouth and gets rid of bacteria that could cause decay. Water helps control bad breath and cavities. The best part is that it is zero calories!

There are many other hygiene tips you can use to better your oral health. Below are a few foods that you can easily put into your diet, many of them you may already be eating!

1. Dairy

Dairy products are great for maintaining that healthy smile! If you love milk, cheese, and yogurt products than this one will surely leave you satisfied.

Dairy products are full of calcium, this helps keep the structure of your teeth strong and prevents tooth decay. Dairy products can even replace minerals in your teeth! Milk and cheese also help neutralize the acidity in your mouth, making plaque a thing of the past.

Yogurt is another great source of dairy that will help your smile. Yogurt contains healthy probiotics that fight off the bad bacteria in your mouth. This helps lower your risk of getting cavities.

It is best to try and avoid products filled with antibiotics, hormones, and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals can damage oral health and put you at risk. Organic and raw options are the most beneficial to your oral health.

2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are loaded with minerals and vitamins that will benefit more than just your grin. They help build enamel because of their high amounts of calcium. Leafy greens also have folic acid and B vitamin.

They can even fight gum disease while giving your teeth the proper nutrients. These greens are filled with plenty of fiber, which helps get rid of plaque and debris that accumulate on your teeth.

Some popular options are kale, spinach, and collard greens. Many people include leafy greens into their diets by making kale chips, pizzas with spinach, smoothies, pasta, and almost anything else!

3. Nuts

Nuts contain calcium, minerals, and proteins that promote overall health. They are low in sugar and carbs, which lowers the risk of cavities. They also stimulate saliva which helps clean your mouth and fight against decay.

Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are a few tasty options that will benefit your teeth and satisfy your hunger. They are all filled with omega 3 fatty acids that support healthy gums and strengthen teeth.

Many people choose to snack on nuts or even add them to salads and dinner. Nuts can be found in other forms such as butter, milk substitutes, and even ice cream products. Be sure to limit your nut intake, they are very filling and could leave you with a stomach ache if you overdo it.

Foods to Skip

  • Sugary Sweets
    • If you are a fan of sugar but fear the dentist, then you should take note of this food to skip. Any foods with refined sugar increase the likelihood of cavities. The sugar binds to your teeth and eats away the enamel.
    • High sugar foods: candy, lollipops, cough drops, gum, etc.
  • Starches
    • Starches can be easily trapped in your teeth, this increases your chances of getting cavities and tooth decay. It is best to avoid these foods if you have thin enamel and are prone to cavities
    • Starch dense foods: pasta, chips, potatoes, bread, etc.
  • Soft Drinks
    • Soft drinks may not seem like a concern but one of the biggest ingredients in soda is sugar. There is a lot of sugar in just one serving of soda. They also contain a lot of acids, both contribute to decaying teeth and wearing away enamel.
    • Soft drinks: any soda, carbonated beverages, and even juices

Be Satisfied with Your Smile and Your Diet

It’s time to feel confident when you smile and take pictures. You shouldn’t have to cover your teeth or do a half smile because they aren’t healthy. Fortunately, there are easy ways to regain confidence in your healthy smile.

Eating the proper foods can increase your overall health and give you great oral health as well. It is important to maintain regular oral hygiene and brush your teeth twice a day. You should also be sure to visit dentists in Cherry Creek once or twice a year to get a cleaning.

Having a smile that is in good shape comes from more than just the toothpaste you choose. It is best to get the proper vitamins and nutrients that help your teeth fight against bad bacteria and thinning enamel.

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