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More than 50% of dental patients are unhappy with the color of their teeth. The appearance of smiles is greatly influenced by how white our teeth are, so many want to improve that aspect to have an overall better look.

Achieving a whiter smile sounds like a lot of work and maybe out of reach for many people. But it’s actually a realistic goal and anyone can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile with the right treatments and a little bit of time!

We’ve compiled a list of our top seven tips for whiter teeth anyone can follow!

1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

If you were to ask a dentist for tips for whiter teeth, they’d say it all starts with practicing good oral hygiene. No matter what you do to get that whiter color, it won’t last if you don’t have good oral hygiene habits.

The most important of those is to brush twice a day, at least. That brushing is critical to remove any food particles that can erode the enamel or stain the teeth. The less time food is left on the teeth the whiter they’ll be. Flossing is also an important step for removing these potential discoloring particles.

When you keep your teeth clean, they’re more likely to be white and bright because there’s nothing damaging left on them.

2. Use the Right Tooth Brush

In order to get the best clean, you have to use the right toothbrush. A good toothbrush can take the benefits of brushing twice a day and kick them up a notch.

Many dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush to get an even deeper clean without any extra effort from you. Win-win! There are even toothbrushes that have been specifically designed to produce brighter, whiter teeth after continual use.

The type of toothbrush you need will depend on your specific teeth, so work with your dentist to find the right fit. But make sure to change it at the recommended timeframe to get the best results!

3. Regular Check-ups

Another one of the big tips for healthy white teeth is to never miss your regular check-ups with the dentist. These bi-annual appointments are critical to the overall health of your teeth.

At these appointments, the dentist can take a deeper look at your teeth and notice any potential problems. The early detection of issues or staining can make all the difference in preventing yellowing from occurring. They’ll also give your teeth a deep clean which always helps them look brighter and whiter.

The dentist may also be able to fix other issues in your mouth preventing you from having a bright, white smile. This could be colored fillings or straightening the teeth for an easier daily clean.

4. Don’t Forget the Gums

Obviously, there is a lot of focus on the teeth when talking about a whiter smile. But another of the good tips for white teeth is to pay close attention to your gums as well.

It’s clear that the gums play a very big role in how healthy your mouth is overall. They also are the backdrop for your smile and can have a big impact on what shade your teeth look. When gums are infected or swollen, they’re bright red. That color makes teeth look dingier and less white.

Taking care of your gums is a simple addition to your oral care routine that will make all the difference. Make sure to floss at least once a day and be gentle when possible.

5. Work With Your Dentist

Once you’ve set up a good routine for taking care of your teeth and have made them as healthy as possible, they still may not be as white as you want them. This is when your dentist can come in for more help.

Many dentists offer whitening services right in their office. These services usually involve a product being placed on the teeth that will change the color. Sometimes more than one session is needed and there are several options available. Your dentist can also recommend other at-home treatments that they trust.

Often to get the brilliant white color you’re looking for, you’ll need some kind of whitening system and it’s best to go through your dentist and their professional recommendation.

6. Keep Teeth Strong

If you’ve invested the time, money, and effort into whitening your teeth the last thing you want to happen is for them to go right back to where you started. So it’s important that you then invest your time and effort into keeping your teeth strong.

One of the key ways to achieve that is to avoid things that will aid in the erosion and breakdown of your enamel. That would include eating or drinking things with a high acidity level on a regular basis or grinding your teeth. You can prevent enamel erosion by drinking a lot of water, using a straw, and limiting damaging foods.

When your enamel is intact and strong you’re more likely to keep that brilliant color.

7. Avoid Staining Teeth

The last (and probably most important) of the best tips for whiter teeth is to avoid eating foods that are more likely to stain your teeth. These foods stick easily to your teeth and leave behind some of their coloring, making them duller.

The most common staining foods include coffee, wine, red foods or drinks, candy, and sodas.

Now, this isn’t to say that you can never eat spaghetti sauce again. But limiting these foods (and brushing extra well afterward) can help you eliminate any possible staining and keep your smile as white as possible!

Best Tips for Whiter Teeth

Our smiles have a big impact on our overall confidence and the way we feel about ourselves. Having more confidence in your smile can make a big difference in happiness and make life more enjoyable.

Following our tips for whiter teeth can help you turn your dingy yellow teeth into sparkling white beauties!

If you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening and seeing your options, contact us today!