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Can’t remember the last time that you paid a visit to the dentist office?

Have you been experiencing bad breath, receding gums, or are you just unhappy with the look of your teeth?

If so, then now is certainly the time to meet with a dental professional. But today’s dentists are able to do much more for you than just tell you how to brush and floss.

There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to visiting the dentist.

Read on to learn more about them.

Then, we’ll let you know where you can go to connect with the top dental professionals in the Glendale area.

1. For Routine Cleanings

One of the most common reasons to make an appointment with a clinic dentist is for regular brushings and cleanings.

These cleanings, which should take place at least once every six months, can help to treat and prevent a whole host of dental problems.

If you struggle with halitosis, (bad breath) you and your dentist will be able to determine if a cavity is what’s causing it. Cleanings will also remove plaque that’s built up in the spaces between your teeth.

As cavities in between teeth are especially common, the earlier you’re able to catch them, the better.

Proper oral care will also fight off tartar.

Your dentist will be able to ensure that you’re not showing any signs of oral cancer, and can also answer any of your standard brushing and flossing questions during a routine appointment and checkup.

2. To Keep Gums Healthy

Have you noticed that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

While in some cases, this can be a sign that you’re using too much force when brushing, usually it’s a sign of plaque under the gums.

This plaque can quickly evolve into painful gum disease — if it hasn’t already.

The sooner you visit the dentist office, the greater the chance that you’ll be able to avoid tooth loss and other serious issues.

3. To Improve Their Smile

Many people also visit the dentist office for purely cosmetic reasons.

Unfortunately, fears about how poor oral hygiene and crooked teeth could impact your romantic and job prospects are much more real than many people realize.

In fact, nearly 30% of people with bad teeth say that they struggle to land job interviews because of their oral health.

Luckily, you and your dentist can discuss the many options you have to improve the look of your smile and boost your confidence in the process.

These include dental veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, dentures, implants, and much more.

4. To Have Dental Procedures

Of course, some people visit a dental professional because they need more serious work done on their teeth.

Depending on the state of your mouth, you may need to have a root canal, a crown, and a bridge, or even a filling. Perhaps you’ve had dental implants done in the past and now need a restoration.

Your dentist will be able to help you with all of these things and more.

5. To Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

Perhaps you’ve heard the common saying that “good health begins in the mouth.”

This is truer than many realize.

There is a direct connection between the health of your teeth and gums and your respiratory system, your circulatory system, and even your digestive system.

In fact, severe dental problems have even been linked to a higher risk of strokes and other serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses and disease.

6. To Avoid Periodontitis

Another reason to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as is possible?

Because having your teeth cleaned and inspected by a professional can help you to ward off periodontitis.

You’ve likely heard of gingivitis, which is a more mild form of periodontal disease that mainly causes problems in your gums only.

Periodontitis is different and more severe.

Over time, the infection destroys the soft tissue surrounding your teeth. This causes the damaged teeth to become much weaker, so much so that it can loosen or even fall out entirely.

If your gums are receding, if it’s painful when you chew, and if your teeth seem especially sensitive, don’t delay in making a dental appointment. These are just a few of the early signs of periodontitis.

7. Because Preventative Care Is a Smart Investment

Yes, good dental care can sometimes be expensive.

While many people put off a trip to the dentist due to dental phobia or because they feel they won’t be able to afford it, the reality is that taking care of the problem quickly means you can avoid costly dental work later on.

Prevention is the best cure for many things, but especially when it’s about protecting your oral health — and your wallet.

Plus, remember that many dentists are able to offer payment plans and work with your insurance company.

Now Is the Time to Make an Appointment at Your Dentist Office

Whether you’re displaying teeth cavities symptoms, if it hurts when you chew, or if you’re simply due for a routine checkup, we hope that this post has helped you to understand why it’s so important to make an appointment with the dentist.

Looking for a dentist office that you can trust to provide you with expert care?

If so, then we would love to have the chance to work with you.

We offer a wide variety of dental services, including cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, and much more.

If you live in or around the Glendale or area, schedule an appointment with us.

Together, let’s get your smile back on track.