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425 South Cherry Street, Suite 700, Glendale, CO 80246

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Willow Creek Way Patient Experience

Cherry Creek Dental Group

Drs. David Micklin, Rick Martin, Kha Nguyen, and Laura Watterson have been providing incredible, personalized customer service to Glendale and Cherry Creek, Colorado residents for many years.

From the moment you enter Cherry Creek Dental Group to the moment you leave, we do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable, heard, and valued. Understanding your needs, concerns, and questions is always our top priority—we never rush you through a procedure or pressure you into making a decision.

We know our patients on a first-name basis, and our team meets every morning to discuss our upcoming appointments in depth. We take time getting to know all about you, your lifestyle, your health history, and any fears you may have surrounding dental care. Your comfort is our number-one concern.